About The Magick Alley Team

Our Mission: provide simple and affordable access to wizardly products and content, and promote beneficial dealings within wizardly communities we serve.

The Magick Alley Team provides an opportunity to work with those who want to contribute to our mission. Every small effort from a Magick Alley Team Member is a contribution towards the steady growth and operation that makes Magick Alley successful: this in turn benefits the Grey School, its Apprentices and Magisters, and the communities we all serve. While Magick Alley is based in Whitehall, New York, at the Grey School of Wizardry, about half of all the work is based on the internet. This allows for many ways to contribute and many roles to fill.

To join the Magick Alley Team is to become a part of the Official School Store of the Grey School of Wizardry. Each Magick Alley Team Member knows that their service is to the benefit of Magick Alley; thus the Grey School of Wizardry, its community, and Wizardry Itself.

Those who apply to join become Initiates, then Team Members; with the possibility of becoming a Lead Team Member, or Department Representative. These positions carry differing levels of responsibility. The types of services performed by Magick Alley Team Members are categorized into three Departments: Communications, Operations, and Marketing.

An Initiate becomes a Team Member by completing one of the following:

-Like and Share MA Facebook -Flattering photo of MA purchase

-Recommend a new product -Report typos and errors


A Team Member can become a Lead Team Member through a demonstration of their interest in contributing to Magick Alley and by their regular completion of any of the former or following:

-Post reviews of items and purchases on MA Facebook or social media

-Arrange photos and content for ads on social media

-Write text for posts, pages on magickalley.com, email campaigns, etc.

-Supply a Magick Alley product or provide additional services


Those that demonstrate exceptional ability and interest may be appointed by the Manager to become a Department Representative. Each Representative is responsible for submissions received from Members, as well as a Department of the Magick Alley Team. The Department Representative’s duty is to ensure the success of each Department and Member. All submissions are approved by the Department Representatives before their approval by the Manager. The following are examples of the responsibilities of each Department:



-Manage Membership

and Initiates

-Create emails

-Write text, edit and revise



-Provide leads for products

-Suggest website changes

-Establish opportunities

for growth



-Submit content for ads

-Create media

-Post photos and reviews

MA Team Membership Structure.jpg

Team Structure:

About Us

I am Apprentice Arthur Kingsley, Manager of Magick Alley--the Official School Store of the Grey School of Wizardry. 


Before this, I worked as a Postal Carrier and was a slightly younger wizard. In 2018, I was presented with the opportunity to undertake Magick Alley, and become Manager. I traveled with Provost Nicholas Kingsley to Santa Cruz, California, where we met with Headmaster Oberon Zell. There, we made a plan to breathe new life into Magick Alley. With support from members of GSW staff and faculty--and a few months of hard work--we celebrated our grand reopening and the premier of the new www.magickalley.com on New Year’s Day of 2019. Since then, Magick Alley has grown to be successful, serving the Grey School of Wizardry and its apprentices by supplying them with essential goods for their wizardly studies.